产品名称:XW Part-turn Gearboxes
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Xburs XW series Part-turn Worm Gearbox is precison device(rotary) with high quality and safety,intended to reduce the speed and increase thetorque. It is easy to process axis hole and key groove because of the removable sleeve.


1.Totally enclosed gear with good sealing 
2.Ductile cast iron housing with reliable strength 
3.Grease well filled to increase service life 
4.Comprehensive gear ratios for different applications
5.Removable output sleeve 
6.Optional travelling sleeve 
7.Adjustable stopper (± 5° ) 
8.Optional flange to suit for different type of valve 
9.Sealed structure with good waterproof performance


XW series part-turn gearboxes are used for manual and motorized (electric actuator) applications of ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valves, dampers and other 90o rotary (quarter-turn) valves.

Operating Environment

XW series part-turn worm gearboxes are with good mechnical quality and steady operating performance which apply to deal with variety climate and temperature. We strive to develop XW series worm gear operator to meet higher demands.

●Enclosure: IP67

●Working Temperature: Form-20℃to120℃(-4℉to248℉)

●Painting: Blue RAL5017

Connect With Valve

The flange connecting to valve is according to ENISO5210 or DIN3210 (Customization)

XW Series Spare Parts List

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